SIRUI R-1004 Aluminum Tripod



SIRUI R Series Reporter – Tripods for the Studio and On Location

Indispensable for the studio and on location

In the studio, time is short and any unnecessary detail must be able to be ignored. The R tripods are especially comfortable to handle and stand like a rock in the surf. In the blink of an eye they can be assembled and disassembled to move from one location to the next.

The integrated spirit level and the wind bolt for locking the center column are just two of the R series many features. These tripods are at home everywhere and always make a good impression – whether indoors or outdoors.

Additional Features

• R-1004 / R-2004 = high quality aluminum, lightweight, stable, hard-wearing
• R-2204 / R-2204 = 8 layer carbon fiber, super-lightweight, stable, low-vibration
• Integrated spirit level for precise adjustments
• 180° collapsible – the legs can be fully folded up from 0-180°, reducing the pack size and completely enclosing the head.
• Three solid ratchet steps on the legs allow flexible use.
• Leg angle locking mechanism – the legs lock automatically when folding down.
• Stabilising carabiner – loading weight onto the hook ensures the tripod is stable and steady.
• Foam rubber leg wraps protect against high and low temperatures and ensure a secure grip during transport and in use.
• Bag strap can be used as tripod strap.


R tripod, tripod bag, tool, warranty card, instructions

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